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Share Garden

Meine.Deine.Gartenzeit – initiative brings together people with and without gardens

Gardens have been considered a privilege not only since the beginning of the crisis. They combine tranquility, nature and the private sphere. The Austria-wide initiative Meine.Deine.Gartenzeit (mine your garden time) wants to share garden happiness and brings people with and without gardens together.

The principle is quite simple: some offer a garden on time, the others look for one. Prerequisite for it is only a registration on the platform www.gartenteilen.at. The first contact is made anonymously, if desired. The two parties decide when and in what form they want to exchange data and what the next steps are. This is completely individual; people work it out directly.

First and foremost, it’s about spending time in the garden. Whether visitors are also allowed to exercise their green thumbs, and if so, how and where exactly, is agreed on an individual basis. That’s why it makes sense for host and guest to discuss the rules in advance that will help them both to feel comfortable.

The most important rules when sharing a garden:

  • Voluntary, no commercial purpose
  • Target radius: maximum 20 kilometers from your own home
  • Number of participants per garden: max. 4 people from one household
  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • First getting to know each other in an anonymous chat
  • Self-determined data exchange
  • Individual garden rules/agreements
  • Personal contact via window chat or short exchange with distance