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MILA – participatory supermarket

Austria’s first participatory supermarket is currently being set up in Vienna. MILA, the participatory supermarket, will offer low-priced, high-quality food to all members. The members determine the assortment according to their preferences and values. MILA offers the full assortment and the opening hours of a conventional supermarket. However, through purchasing, we will pursue respectful relationships with producers, regionality, environmental protection, animal welfare, as well as the diversity of the members’ needs.

In addition to organic, regional and hand-produced food, we sell products that can be found in traditional supermarkets, as well as special products requested by members. In order to offer affordable but fair prices, MILA plans to reduce paid labor to the minimum necessary. This is easily possible if all members work in the supermarket for three hours every four weeks. At the same time, this strengthens the idea of MILA – as a social place of doing business together, reviving the traditional meaning of the market as a place of meeting and where everyone is welcome to participate. As a cooperative, MILA will belong to its members and they can shape it themselves. MILA will be a self-organized space where people work together on an equal footing. Decisions will rest democratically with all cooperative members. According to the principle: one person – one vote. The amount of the cooperative contribution will be staggered so that all interested people, regardless of their own financial means, can participate.

For MILA to become a reality soon, it needs the commitment and enthusiasm of as many people as possible. In order to support the foundation of the cooperative and to open the participatory supermarket together, you can now become a member of MILA.

Here is the link to the MILA – participatory supermarket website: www.mila.wien/de/

A small test operation for MILA-Vienna started at Haberlgasse 58 as  “Minimarkt”.
In contrast to the future large MILA – Mitmach Supermarkt, the minimarket is open on Tuesday (4 pm – 7 pm), Friday (9 am – 7 pm) and Saturday (8 am – 4 pm).

Everyone is welcome to experience the MILA mini market first hand. A trial membership at 2€/month is available at the cash desk.

Austria’s first participatory supermarket is currently being set up in Vienna © MILA Wien