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Öko-Erntelandparzellen, ZV Kleingärtner (Eco-Harvest Plots)

The Central Assocation of Kleingärtner offers organic vegetable plots (115 m²) for rent, where tenants can plant seeds in any free, unused rows. They also have the opportunity to freely design about 20m² of the garden, with the exception of a few species. In most plots, tenants can also rent an adjacent section of the garden with herbs and berry bushes. While the vegetable plots have different crops every season, this area for tasting berries and herbs is permanent. Community sheds, equipment, and portable toilets are provided, as well as tips and tricks from experts of the Central Association, who are regularly on site.

Eco-Harvest Plots of the ZV Kleingärtner

  • Address: Lavantgasse – Gerasdorferstraße, 1210 Wien
  • Sponsoring Organization: Zentralverband der Kleingärtner Österreichs
  • Size and Price:
  • 70 m² Vegetable Plot – € 115,-
  • 115 m² Combo-Plot (70m2 vegetables, 20 m2 free, permanent berry bushes and herbs) – € 200,-
  • Responsibility of the supervisor:
    • Planting and seeding
    • Irrigation in very hot weather
    • Provision of various tools
    • Community huts and toilets
  • Harvest/Use Time: Gardening season
  • Cultivated Varieties: tomatoes, hot chili peppers, peppers, melons/squash, zucchini, potatoes, kale, Brussels sprouts, knob celery, white cabbage, red cabbage, garden leeks, cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, green lettuce, bush beans, red beets, chard, dill, parsnip, salsify, onions (several varieties), carrots, parsley
  • Events, offers, and other info:
    • Permanent berry bushes and herbs are available
    • Tips and tricks by experts on site
  • Contact Information: