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Ökoparzellen, Stadt Wien (Gardens Plots in the City of Vienna)

Each 40 and 80 m² garden plot is cultivated with a wide range of organic vegetable seeds and seedlings by farm staff. The garden plots are located in the 22nd district on Bio-Zentrum Lobau’s arable land. They are farmed organically and approved by Austria’s Organic Control Board.

At the beginning of the garden season in May, the garden plots on site are assigned to gardeners, who then assume the care and harvest of the land. At first frost near the end of October, the plots are returned to the care of Bio-Zentrum Lobau to be prepared for the following year. The City of Vienna has offered this garden plot system since 1991.

Garden Plots in the City of Vienna

  • Address: Höhe Esslinger Hauptstraße 134, 1220 Wien
  • Sponsoring Organization:
    • Administration: Forestry Office and Urban Agriculture (MA 49);
    • Maintenance of arable land: Bio-Zentrum Lobau
  • Size and Price 2019:
    • 40 m2 € 80,-
    • 80 m²: € 160,-
  • Responsibility of the supervisor:
    • Planting and seeding
    • Irrigation
    • Water tanks for additional watering
  • Harvest/Use Time: beginning of May – end of October
  • Cultivated Varieties: carrots, peas, bush beans, lettuce, cabbage, kale, tomatoes, kohlrabi, and much more; members may grow their own vegetables, herbs, and flowers, as long as they are organic and non-GMO.
  • Contact Information: