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Pflückgarten Haschahof (pluck garden Haschahof)

The Pflückgarten sees itself as a community for all who love to experience nature directly. Farmers prepare the field, then plant and grow vegetables (about 15 different species), all based on the principles of organic agriculture. Anyone who loves the outdoors is welcome to rent a garden plot and harvest their own vegetables. (Season: May – October).

The farmer’s market is also a great place to spend time in the garden; it has organic products that you won’t find growing in the plots. Opposite the market is a playground and chicken coop, as well as space for wheelbarrows, watering cans, and tools for the garden.

The Pflückgartenfeld is located on the right bank of the Liesingbach River, east of the former “Pottendorfer Linie” railroad embankment.

Pflückgarten Haschahof

  • Address: Liesingbachstraße 211, 1100 Wien
  • Sponsoring Organization: DI Rudolf HASCHA
  • Size and Price:
    • 45 m2: € 200,-
  • Responsibility of the supervisor:
    • Planting and seeding
    • Tilling
    • Fertilizing
    • Irrigation
    • Provision of various tools
  • Harvest/Use Time: May – October
  • Cultivated Varieties: potatoes, carrots, onions, red beets, lettuce, leeks, yellow beets, chard, cucumber, squash, zucchini, green beans, radishes, leaf parsley, tomatoes, chard, peppers
  • Events, offers, and other info:
    • Playground
    • Farmer’s market
  • Contact Information:
    • E-Mail: abhof@haschahof.at
    • Web: haschahof.at
    • Tel: +43-664-88 44 54 39