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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture is based on a community of consumers who support a farmer with regular contributions, making the farmer less dependent on trade chains and less subject to natural hardships. This group of people finances the cost of a professional vegetable farm for one season or year, and recieves local, high-quality, fresh produce – but also bears the risk of crop failure (from things like bad weather or pests). This concept is being implemented in and around Vienna by Gärtnerhof Ochsenherz and Biohof Radl.

CSA Biohof Radl

With a regular contribution, members can “rent” a piece of farmland (about 40 m2) to be managed by the Radl family. Every week, members are provided with produce from their farm share, which can be picked up either at the farm, or at the former BioVegan2Go shop in Vienna – kind and quality of the produce will depend on growing season and weather. Week by week, Biohof Radl offers the largest selection of seasonal, certified-organic vegetables. Members can choose between a full membership with 24 boxes of produce, or a partial membership with 12. Through informational material, community nights, and active cooperation in farm-work days, a sense community is grown and strengthened at Biohof Radl.

CSA Biohof Radl

  • Membership Offer: Agreement is valid for 1 Season – 12/24x weekly delivery of ready-packed produce box
    Pausing delivery (e.g. for travel) and picking up farm share at another time is possible
  • Delievery Area: Pickup-point in Vienna 7th District, or on the farm
  • Price:
    • Full Membership (24 Boxes): 499 € /season (Mid-May – Mid/late November)
    • Partial Membership (12 Boxes): 290 € /season (Mid-May – Mid/late November)
    • Following the end of the membership during the season, additional weekly harvest shares can be purchased for € 20.79 (full members) or € 24.17 (partial members)

Gela – Gärtnerhof Ochsenherz

There are two ways to get involved with the Collective Agriculture Project at Ochsenherz garden market. First, members can sign up for a weekly delivery of ready-packed vegetable shares. Between spring and autumn, the farm team provides 26 boxes of produce to be picked up every Tuesday, and the pickup points are organized by harvest participants themselves. The produce boxes are available in 2 sizes (1 or 2 shares) and in the main harvest season, contain about 10 different types of vegetables, as well as herbs. Second, members have the option to pick-and-choose an assortment of vegetables at produce stand once a week. Participants enjoy helping out with the stand as another way to get involved.

Gela – Gärtnerhof Ochsenherz

  • Membership Offer: Agreement is valid for 1 Season – 26x weekly delivery of ready-packed produce box, or 1x/week pick-and-choose assortment box
  • Delievery Area: Currently 9 pickup-points in Vienna, or on the farm
  • Price: 112 € per share/month
  • Events:
    • Assistance days: March – October, every Wednesday from 9:00 – 17:00
    • Action days: March – October, every first Saturday of the month
    • Work group: Meets once a month
  • Contact Information:


Solawi Ackerschön has been supplying households in Vienna and Hasendorf with fresh vegetables all year round since the beginning of 2018. A large variety of vegetables are grown on the 5ha farm, which is home to about 100 members of the association.

  • Offer: agreement valid for one season from February
  • Price: 118€ per month (for 2020/21)
  • Delivery area: Servitenplatz, 1090 Vienna or ex Hof.
  • Events:
    • Workdays (currently every 4th Saturday of the month)
    • Seasonal festivals
  • Contact Information:
    • Address: Hasendorf 51, 3454 Sitzenberg-Reidling, Lower Austria


Ouvertura is a young solidarity agriculture in Moosbrunn, Lower Austria. In order for good food and an intact nature to be there for everyone, agriculture needs freedom, which it cannot take away in the global price war. Therefore the farm has left the market economy and now finances itself together with all the people it feeds. Sharing the harvest is shared fairly among them. Each member chooses the financial contribution himself. Because fairness does not come about by treating everyone equally, but by creating equal conditions for everyone. The food can be picked up in ready-packed boxes at pick-up points in Vienna, Mauer, Mödling, Gänserndorf and Moosbrunn. If you prefer to put together your own box, the “Free removal area” near the Naschmarkt is the best place to go.


  • Offer: Boxes with seasonal food (delivery every second Tuesday) or “Free removal” at Kettenbrückengasse 2/3, 1060 Vienna (since March 2020, every second Friday)
  • Delivery area: 10 collection points in Vienna, 2 in Mödling, 2 in Gänserndorf and one each in Enzersdorf and Moosbrunn
  • Price: 90€/month or 1080€/Year, approx. 60€ tree sponsorship
  • Events:
    • Spring and harvest festivals
    • Action days and workshops
    • weekly working group meetings
  • Contact Information: