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Community Gardens

In community gardens, people of the neighborhood actively garden together. Here, vegetables, flowers, and community collaboration are given the opportunity to flourish. People of all ages and backgrounds meet and get to know each other—the joy of gardening brings fresh food and enriching connections. In some community gardens, intercultural gardening takes a central role, while others involve schools and kindergartens.

Most community gardens are intended for long-term use, but temporary spaces can be a great place for gardening too. Membership in an associaton which is recommended to be installed beforehand is required for most community gardens, but there are also gardens, where everyone is invited to participate. For example, all are welcome to stop by the Naschgarten in the 21st district to lend a helping hand or taste the garden’s bounty.

The City of Vienna actively serves and financially supports the development of community gardens. To learn more, see “Organizations.”

For a list of community gardens per district click ⇒ Gemeinschaftsgärten


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