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Community Made Agriculture (CMA)

“Community Made Agriculture” is a special form of collective agriculture that has developed in Vienna. Here, people try to subsist on their own garden of vegetables, herbs, and sometimes even fruit, and also use the garden as a political and socio-economic statement. The CMA motto is, “do not live at the expense of others! – not at the expense of nature, and not at the expense of people in low-wage countries.”

The owner of the farmland is only involved in this form of solidarity farming through the land tenancy, and sometimes infrastructure, such as greenhouses, access to water, etc. CMAs are organized like community gardens, but produce food both for sale and for personal use.

In order to grow vegetables as efficiently as possible, all plants of one kind are put into the same bed, sometimes in a system of mixed crops. For example, one plant bed might only be used for onions and carrots for the whole community. Members share the responsibilty of garden care by choosing the specific vegetables they wish look after for the entire season, and the more responsibilty a member takes on, the more they get to harvest.

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LaaerBergbauern – Eco-social agriculture at Laaer Berg in Vienna

A CMA was established at Laaer Berg in 2017, where local organic vegetables are produced through community work and division of labor. Laaer Berg farmers want members to contribute ecologically, politically, and socially through meaningful participation and responsibility as “prosumers” on a piece of land. Together, the community creates a beautiful place for the whole family, where people can engage in healthy outdoor activity. Anyone interested can become members, adopt a tree, or participate in intercultural exchanges, such as sightseeing tours, field days, and festivals.


Wilde Rauke

“Gemeinsame Landwirtschaft Wilde Rauke” (Wilde Rauke Collective Agriculture) is a self-organized community garden in Stammersdorf. At a picturesque location on the Marchfeld Canal, the members work sustainably and organically on one hectare of land, where a variety of vegetables and fruits are harvested. Working together is one special feature of the community garden: from soil cultivation to seeding, plant care, watering, and harvesting — everything is done as a community.

Wilde Rauke

  • Address: Association Office: 1210, Cordobaplatz 1/5/27
  • Established: May 2012
  • Contact Information:

Die LoBauerInnen (The Lobau Farmers)

Since 2012, about 60 CMA members have been cultivating a 4000 m² field and 500 m² greenhouse in Vienna’s Lobau, using land rented from the city of Vienna. One reason the “LoBauerInnen” founded the association was to take responsibility of their diet and become independent of the food system. They stand for species diversity, try to collect their own seeds, host workshops, and enjoy experimenting. Anyone who would like to participate or learn more is welcome to contact the association or stop by the farm.

Die LoBauerInnen

Paradiesgarten – Operation grüner Daumen (Operation green thumb)

The “Operation grüner Daumen” Association supports the spread of urban organic farming, and aims to promote the common good. They see active engagement with people and nature as a viable way to eliminate prejudice and counteract social anxiety. The association sees itself as a social, political, and educational community.

Members of the association have been cultivating a 1-hectare area in Lobau since 2014 – the “Paradiesgarten” (Garden of Paradise). Vegetables, fruits, and the communal area are jointly financed.


  • Address: Between Naufahrtweg and Schilfweg, 1220 Wien
  • Field Days: Wed & Sun 10:00 – 16:00
  • Contact Information: Michael Graner
  • Email: kontakt@gruenerdaumen.org

Gemeinschaftsgarten Kraut & Blüten (Community Garden Cabbage & Blossoms)

Due to widespread interest, a new community garden will be built for residents of Seestadt, under the “Community Made Agriculture” concept. Gardeners will manage the garden together, and then share in the harvest.

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