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Community Made Agriculture (CMA)

“Community Made Agriculture” is a special form of collective agriculture. Here, people try to subsist on their own garden of vegetables, herbs, and sometimes even fruit, and also use the garden as a political and socio-economic statement. The CMA motto is, “do not live at the expense of others! – not at the expense of nature, and not at the expense of people in low-wage countries.”

The owner of the farmland is only involved in this form of solidarity farming through the land tenancy, and sometimes infrastructure, such as greenhouses, access to water, etc. CMAs are organized like community gardens, but produce food both for sale and for personal use.

In order to grow vegetables as efficiently as possible, all plants of one kind are put into the same bed, sometimes in a system of mixed crops. For example, one plant bed might only be used for onions and carrots for the whole community. Members share the responsibilty of garden care by choosing the specific vegetables they wish look after for the entire season, and the more responsibilty a member takes on, the more they get to harvest.

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Verein LaaerBergBauerInnen – Gemeinsam landwirtschaften am Laaer Berg


E-mail: post@lbb.wien

Phone: 0650/413 46 78

Web: www.lbb.wien, www.facebook.com/LaaerBergBauerInnen

Wilde Rauke

Verein Gemeinsame Landwirtschaft Wilde Rauke


E-mail: post@wilderauke.at

Phone: 0699/11415632 oder 0699/19907260

Web: www.wilderauke.at, www.facebook.com/wilderauke



E-mail: Info@Lobauerinnen.at

Phone: 0670/20 67 727, 0664/61 10 106

Web: www.lobauerinnen.at, www.facebook.com/dielobauerinnen




E-mail: solila@riseup.net

Web: https://solila.diebin.at

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