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Gardening in Vienna Public Housing

Since 2011, Wohnpartner Wien has offered residents of public housing the opportunity to start their own garden beds. It supports ambitious gardeners as well as beginners, from first steps to flourishing gardens and vegetable beds. There are several different ways to garden, including flower beds, mobile beds, and community gardens.

Flower beds

are small plant beds in the housing complex, maintained by individual residents.


  • Enjoy plants and be ready to garden!
  • Be willing to abandon fruits and vegetables

Mobile beds…

are raised beds placed in the housing courtyard at request, cared for by residents.


  • Find neighbors to join in the work
  • Set aside enough time for planting, maintenance, and harvest
  • Be willing to look after a neighbor’s garden or share a raised bed
  • Be tolerant of garden damage, such as a missing vegetable or plant

Community gardens…

are spaces where residents of a housing complex can garden together.


  • Involve neighbors who are enthusiastic gardeners like you
  • Be willing to start a garden association
  • Be ready to engage in group dynamics
  • Be creative!
  • Be open to diversity, different opinions, and outside perspectives

Wohnpartner Wien is available to assist with the garden approval process and community conflict prevention, as well as general advice.