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Supermarket Alternatives

  MILA – participatory supermarket

MILA Mitmach-Supermarkt operates differently than the large supermarket groups that dominate the food market: At MILA you get high-quality food at a reasonable price. As a cooperative, MILA is owned by its members. MILA is open to everyone who enjoys great food and wants affordable, high-quality food and respectful treatment of producers and the environment. We members determine our range. Many of our products are organic, regional, seasonal and packaged as little as possible. We also have inexpensive conventional products. We are building MILA in Vienna based on the model of community supermarkets in other cities. We already run a mini market in Ottakring. The next step will be the large MILA hands-on supermarket, which will offer a full range with several thousand products and opening hours of a conventional supermarket.

Address (mini market): Haberlgasse 58, 1160 Wien

Opening hours : tuesday, 15 – 19 Uhr, friday 9-19 Uhr & saturday 8-16 Uhr

General inquiries and membership information: mitmachen@mila.wien

Web: www.mila.wien/de





   morgenrot – the alternative to the conventional supermarket

At Morgenrot we make it easy for you to do your weekly shopping: organic, sustainable and fair. Our product range combines the regionality of a farmers market and the direct purchase of a FoodCoop. With us you buy fresh and tasty food from organic farming. You can also get all the items you need every day, similar to those in the supermarket, but different. In short: we may look like a supermarket, but we are none.

Regional, seasonal and direct

When it comes to product selection at morgenrot, the following applies: “As close as possible – as far as necessary – and always seasonal”. As an alternative to the supermarket, we also offer full shopping. That’s why we also have bananas and coffee. But always according to these principles:

  • »as close as possible – as far as necessary – and always seasonal«
  • fair prices – for farmers and customers
  • Products from small-scale businesses
  • from agriculture that is as sustainable as possible – often certified organic

Sustainability through cooperation

At morgenrot, true sustainability is lived. As an alternative to the supermarket, we send a strong signal of cooperation. Customers and producers jointly own their store and the cooperative. This means they are involved in central decisions.

Shopping with and without membership

Morgenrot is open to everyone who has been looking in vain for a real alternative to the supermarket.

We are opening our first Morgenrot grocery store in autumn 2024. Stop by Dornerplatz 6 now and find out more. From April 12th on Fridays from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


E-Mail: hallo@morgenrot.wien

Tel.: +43 677 64 74 04 94

Web: www.morgenrot.wien