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Bio Forschung Austria – Garteln in Wien

Bio Forschung Austria is a non-university, non-profit research institute supported by the Forestry and Urban Agriculture Office of the City of Vienna (MA 49). The institute has taken an interdisciplinary approach to organic farming since 1979, and one of its basic principles is the use of its research in dialogue with organic farmers.

Fields of Research and Action:

  • Soil as the basis of food production
  • Site-specific organic varieties & crop rotation
  • Preventative plant protection and natural pest regulation
  • Climate and nature conservation in organic farming
  • Educational work for rural and urban target groups
  • Sustainable food provision for community consumption
  • Organic agriculture and horticulture with social benefits

Garteln in Wien (Gardening in Vienna)

On May 30, 2016, the scope of organic research in Austria was expanded to include the service and information center for “gardening and the provision of local vegetables.”

“Garteln in Wien” (Gardening in Vienna) is a coordination and support center set up by the city: city dwellers can learn where to grow their own food in Vienna, and also where they can find fresh, locally-farmed produce for purchase. The center offers guidance in establishing garden initiatives, such as first steps, legal forms, costs, points of contact, land, etc.

Another main focus of Bio Forschung Austria is teaching others how to garden: during the garden season, “Days of the Open Garden Door” are offered, as well as courses for beginners and experts, such as “Organic Gardening in Community”. There are also educational offers and workshops for children and youth.

Bio Forschung Austria – Garteln in Wien


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