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“DIE UMWELTBERATUNG” (Eco Counseling Vienna) is the primary center for ecological living and industry in Vienna, with information on topics from garbage to grasshoppers. In addition to gardening tips for the green thumb, “DIE UMWELTBERATUNG” environmental consultants instruct on gardening with organic methods, like how to stop garden pests, or help bees and other pollinators thrive. Other topics include organic plant protection and the selection of plants for gardens and small urban spaces, like a window box or a green facade. They also give practical tips on compost and mulch, as well as information for vegetable bed gardening, like organic seeds, plant mixes, and producing a rich harvest. They have recipes on preserving and cooking with herbs and fruits as well.

“DIE UMWELTBERATUNG” environmental consultants provide one-on-one advice on their hotline: 01 803 32 32. Their website has comprehensive information and brochures, as well as sources for organic gardening products: www.umweltberatung.at

The “biologisch GÄRTNERN” (organic gardening) seal of quality identifies plant protection products, fertilizers, and substrates that meet organic criteria. These can be found in the “biologisch GÄRTNERN” product database: www.biologischgaertnern.at/produkte


  • Address: Buchengasse 77/4 1100 Wien
    Due to the Corona Pandemic no personal consultation at present!