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Bauwerksbegrünungen (Building Greenings)

Building greening carries a crucial role in improving the city climate, as it serves many helpful functions. In tight living situations where green is lacking and land is in high demand, green roofs and facades raise the quality of life and have a positive impact on wellbeing and health.

Well-designed, species-rich, green spaces give animals and insects more room to live within the city, playing an important role in urban biodiversity, as well as raising the aesthetic and physical worth of a property. These spaces also create large drainage and storage areas for rainwater, and as water evaporates across plants and substrates, the surrounding air cools, reducing the city’s thermal pollution. They are also resistant to extreme heat and cold, which lengthens the life of the buildings they rest upon. Urban greenery can be applied and constructed in many ways, so there are solutions that either cost little, or are extensive in their maintenance.

As the center for green urban development, GrünStattGrau Research and Innovation GmbH is available to help with any urban greening projects.