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Food Coops

Food Cooperatives are associations that self-organize the purchase and distribution of locally-produced, organic, and socially-just food. They see themselves as an alternative to the common food and agricultural system, and generally pursue a deliberate debate on the subject of nutrition. Food coops are organized by its members, so each one is a little different. Tasks such as picking up vegetables, typing the order list, loading services, managing the homepage, etc., are discussed at regular meetings and divided among members. Workshops and presentations help spread the idea, and occasional food excursions help members to meet and learn about producers. The extent of involvement is up to members themselves. Membership fees are collected for things like storage space, where everyone can pick up their food orders. The cooperatives are open to anyone interested. Further information, and a list of all Austrian food cooperatives can be found at foodcoops.at. There are currently 20 in Vienna:

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FoodCoop Möhrengasse

FoodCoop Klappertopf

FoodCoop Markhof

  • Address: Markhofgasse 19, 1030 Wien
  • Email: Contact form on homepage
  • Homepage: https://foodcoop.markhof.wien/

FoodCoop Vorratskammer

FoodCoop Herz & Rübe

FoodCoop Pumpkin


FoodCoop Kukuruz

FoodCoop Food X

  • Adress: Columbusgasse 47 (Ecke Quellenstraße) im Innenhof , 1100 Wien
  • Homepage: www.foodx.at

FoodCoop Löwenzahn 1. FC Meidling

FoodCoop Der Fresskorb

FoodCoop Allmunde

Vegan FoodCoop


FoodCoop Einkorn

FoodCoop Die Gabln

  • Address: Gablenzgasse 116, 1160 Wien
  • Email: info@diegabln.at
  • Homepage: http://diegabln.at/

FoodCoop Radieschenbund

FoodCoop Rübezahl

FoodCoop Bioparadeis

BOKU FoodCoop

FoodCoop Naschkastl 2.0

FoodCoop Floridsdorf

  • Address: Pragerstraße 13/1A, 1210 Wien
  • Email: kontakt@fc-floridsdorf.at
  • Homepage: http://www.fc-floridsdorf.at/

Butz & Stingl FoodCoop Lobau