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GrünStattGrau Research and Innovation GmbH – The Center for Green Urban Development

GrünStattGrau is: the holistic center for green development.

Making buildings green often sounds more complicated than it really is. As an authority center for green development, we are concerned with bringing people together to advance innovation and transformation. With the support of our network partners in business, science, and management, we would like to help you implement greenery in your interior, roof, or facade.

GrünStattGrau provides: know-how, tools, and infrastructure.

GrünStattGrau has the character of a laboratory, with expert advice, opportunities for collaboration in R&D, and exclusive service offers, as well as easy access to partners and infrastructure like online platforms, mobile test tracks, and other experimental spaces.

GrünStattGrau has: a comprehensive network of supporters.

With its partners in business, science, and management, and with growing collaboration in the cities of Vienna, Graz, St. Pölten, Linz, and Feldkirch — GrünStattGrau acts as Austria’s ambassador for green development.

GrünStattGrau wants: to bring people together to drive implementation by sharing expertise.

As a promoter of innovation, GrünStattGrau pushes holistic strategies for climate change adaptation through green urban development in Europe.

GrünStattGrau Research and Innovation-GmbH

Further Information:

GrünStattGrau is 100% owned by the non-profit Verband für Bauwerksbegrünung Österreich (Association for Green Urban Development, Austria).