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The Gartenpolylog Association was founded in 2007 with the goal of popularizing communal gardening in Austria, implementing community gardens, and creating a network across Austria. Gartenpolylog works in three core areas:

Community Gardens

For the Gartenpolylog team, urban gardens are part of a social change. Its aim is to promote the idea of community gardens in Austria, and assist in their implementation. In Vienna, private clients, self-organized groups, and various city institutions construct community gardens together. Gartenpolylog helps these new garden groups with horticultural knowledge and organization during their first month.


Community gardens are seen as diverse spaces for learning and action, which meet people where they are. Gartenpolylog aims to turn the possibility of communal gardening into a reality by offering courses on topics such as gardening techniques, compost, organization, and group dynamics, as well as excursions to various gardens. Its courses and consultation help provide a structure for research projects and partner collaboration, which promote learning in the community garden environment.


Community garden initiatives are numerous and diverse. Gartenpolylog provides easy access to these initiatives and provides networking opportunities with an interactive garden map, networking meetings, a newsletter, and an annual network conference. More information can be found on their homepage: gartenpolylog.org/en

Events: gartenpolylog.org/en/events