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Garteln ums Eck – “Gardening Around the Corner”

Active residents, who want to enhancing the surrounding biodiversity, can do so by caring for small green spaces (up to 50 m2) in their immediate neighbourhood with the “Garteln ums Eck” (= Gardening Around the Corner)  program. Interested people contact the responsible urban renewal office. In a design agreement, the conditions that must be met when maintaining the area, such as not cultivating toxic plants or not to obstruct traffic, are laid down. The office contacts the municipal departments for gardening (who care about the green spaces usually) and road administration, who have to agree, before the gardening by the resident can start. The Gardening Around the Corner program is free of charge for the residents.

Infovideo in German: “In 5 Schritten zur begrünten Baumscheibe”