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The Vienna Parks and Gardens (MA 42)

Sponsoring of community gardens

The Vienna Parks and Gardens are currently sponsoring a community garden in every district as part of a one-time payment. In order to receive this grant, the following requirements must be fulfilled: (1) the community garden must be organized as an association, (2) the approval of the district authority must be obtained, and (3) a valid contract must be completed with the landowner. With the verification of these requirements, the sponsor can request a grant as a community garden association. If the request is approved, the association has one year to establish its garden to be eligible for a maximum € 3,600 refund. Community gardens can both be built or improved with this grant funding, and these funding options are currently available in 4 districts.

Plant protection and gardening advice:

The staff of the Plant Protection Department advise on the following topics:

  • Diseases and pests on plants inside and in the garden
  • Current harmful organisms
  • Organic crop protection
  • General garden questions:
    • Creating a compost heap
    • Cutting fruit trees
    • Propagation, cultivation and breeding of vegetables, perennials and summer flowers
  • Current plant protection work in the Vienna parks

Informative events of the Vienna City Gardens (video presentations, lectures, etc)

The Vienna Parks and Gardens (MA 42)

  • Address: Johannesgasse 35, 1030 Wien
  • Funding of community gardens: since January 2010
  • Contact Information:
    • Email: post@wien.gv.at
    • Web: park.wien.at
    • https://www.wien.gv.at/amtshelfer/umwelt/stadtgaerten/begruenung/nachbarschaftsgarten.html
    • : 01/ 4000 – 42040


  • By telephone:
    • Consultations are accepted at the following times:
      Monday to Friday, 7.30 am  – 3.30pm
    • Tel: 01/ 4000 42483
  • In person: