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Garden Initiatives for Children

Practice starts early for those who want to become urban gardeners!

There are a few initiatives, made especially for children, which provide the opportunity for hands-on learning in the garden.

There are other opportunities for children too, such as “Eule Wien” (Owl Vienna) or “Schule am Bauernhof” (School on the Farm) and coodiated by Bio AustriaBio macht Schule

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City Farm Augarten

After 5 successful years in Schönbrunn, the City Farm was terminated at its location. As an alternative, they have been offered buildings and garden areas in Vienna’s Augarten in the 2nd district. More than 4,000 m² of  urban open space offer all the prerequisites for a unique urban living and learning garden, managed according to the principles of organic farming. Children’s and theme beds are linked by the path of vegetable diversity, where countless species and varieties grow, that can not be bought in any supermarket. There is a wide spectrum of garden programs for children, teenagers, and adults year-round.

City Farm Augarten

  • Address: Obere Augartenstraße 1C, 1020 Wien
  • Sponsorship:City Farm Augarten – Verein zur Förderung von Urban Gardening, Gartenpädagogik und ökologischer Bildung (Association for the Promotion of Urban Gardening, Garden Education, and Ecological Education)
  • Target Groups: Adults, children, families, school classes, kindergartens, and teachers
  • Gardening Season: year-round
  • Events, offers, and other info:
    • Programs for adults, children, families, school classes, kindergartens, and teachers
    • Raritätenbörse (“Treasure Fair“)
  • Contact Information:

Kinder-Garten!  Pädagogikgarten (Education Garden)

Practice starts early for those who want to become urban gardeners! In this garden program, kids learn that plants need time and care to grow into ripe, delicious food. But the highlight for these little gardeners is always the harvest: when the vegetables can be tasted, herbs gathered, and berries picked, patience is finally rewarded!

The Pädagogikgarten (educational garden) is an ideal opportunity for children of the city to see where fruit and vegetables come from, and to learn how they arrive on our table. Come visit the garden and enjoy the flourishing garden beds!

Kinder-Garten! – Pädagogikgarten

  • Address: Schütte-Lihotzky-Park, 1050 Wien
  • Size: 5 children’s raised beds
  • Sponsorship: GB*East, Bezirksvorstehung, MA 42
  • Established: 2015
  • Participants: Childrens groups from KIWI, Kleiner Stern Abendstern
  • Plants:
    • Vegetable, herb, and flower beds
  • Events:
    • Spring festival
  • Contact Information:

Mädchengarten (Girl’s Garden)

Since 1997, Vienna’s Mädchengarten has been a place used and defined by women and girls. The project was initiated by the “Wirbel” Association, but was taken over by BALU&DU in 2008. The garden is open for all young women one to two afternoons a week, and can be used for anything, from gardening to crafts. With supervision, girls and their friends from all over Vienna can rent the garden for parties, dancing, and games. This community project gives young women a space that is not occupied by men, so that they can realize their own wishes and ideas. At a garden meeting in 2003, there was a deep discussion over gendered socialization, female use of space, and spatio-structural conditions in open public spaces. These topics are very important to the Mädchengarten, as well as networking with international projects through a plattform that deals with open public spaces for girls.

Mädchengarten in Wien

  • Address: Rear garden section of the Szene Wien -Lorygasse/Rautenstrauchgasse – at foot and bike path „Am Kanal“, 1110 Wien
  • Sponsorship: Verein Balu&Du, Szene Wien, MA 57
  • Participants: Young women and girls
  • Gardening Season: Beginning of April – end of September
  • Cultivated Plants:
    • Vegetable, herb, and flower beds
    • Grapes, plums, and currants
  • Events, offers, and other info:
    • Open every Tuesday from 15.00 – 19.00 – all interested can simply stop by
    • From October – April, there are special offers for girls with the local club Balu&Du in Simmering
    • Hammocks, picnic tables
    • Huts
    • Power supply
    • WC
    • Various game materials
    • Punching bag
    • Wading pool
    • Tree house
    • Grill
  • Contact Information:


What do plants eat? How deep do roots reach into the soil? What does “organic” mean?

In “Garten der Vielfalt” (Garden of Diversity), pupils and students learn about the amazing wealth of edible plants. Depending on the season and program, children an youths can plant or harvest peas, smell culinary herbs, taste tomatoes, or dig up potatoes to take home. There are about 200 different species of plants to admire.

A healthy variety of vegetables needs a rich soil life: educational stations show the movement of earthworms, microscopic microbial communities, and the secret underground life of plants in the “Wurzelschaugarten” (Root Garden).

Experience the foundations of our diet in the organic garden!

Possible Programm an further information can be found on Informationsblatt für Schulklassen 2018.

Garten der Vielfalt (Garden of Diversity)

  • Address: Esslinger Hauptstr. 132-134, 1220 Wien
  • Size: 1,5 ha
  • Supervised by: Bio Forschung Austria
  • Gardening Season: April-October, Monday to Friday – dates by appointment
  • Duration: about 2 hours for elementary schools, and 3 hours for students above 5th grade
  • Target Groups: Students aged 5-18, as well as children and adults!
  • Cultivated Plants:
    • Fruit, vegetables, cereals, herbs, plants for promoting pollinators, green spaces
  • Events:
    • Tage der offenen Gartentüre – Days of the Open Garden Door
    • Organic gardening course: “Miteinander Bio-Garteln” (Gardening in Community)
  • Contact Information:
  • Email: schulklassen@bioforschung.at
  • Web: BFA – Workshops für Schulklassen
  • Tel: 01-4000-49 160 (Tue, Thu 10:00 – 12:00, Wed, Fri, 13:00 – 15:00)

NALELA – Space for Knowledge and Nature

Nalela is an educational workshop on a farm in the middle of Lobau. It is a place for people of all ages who seek to learn from nature—such as getting up close to farm animals, or producing natural cosmetics.

NALELA – Place for Knowledge and Nature

  • Address: Naufahrtweg 14, 1220 Wien
  • Gardening Season: year-round, dates by appointment
  • Duration: 2 to 3 hours (workshops), all day (farm holidays)
  • Target Groups: Kindergartens, children’s groups, familes, adults, and seniors
  • Events, offers, and other info:
    • Many different workshops for every target group
    • All-day support during Summer, Easter, and semester holidays
    • Birthday parties
  • Contact Information: