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Fruit in Public Spaces

The association “ObstStadt Wien” (Fruit City Vienna) plants fruit trees in the city together with committed people, promotes, cultivates and multiplies fruit for all.  Fruit tree patrons plant trees and care about them as long es they are young and need irrigation. Everybody can come and harvest according to the fair use principle. The concept was brought to Vienna in 2018 by the partner organisations ObstStadt Wien, Lokale AgendaDonaustadt (Local Agenda 21) and Ökosoziales Forum Wien. Together with the district administration of the 22nd district and the MA 45 – Wiener Gewässer, the first fruit trees could be planted on the “Donauinsel”, an inundation dam with great participation of the pupulation. There is either an online tools (Mundraub, which maps publicly accessible fruit trees with Google Maps and publishes their locations. The sites of wild, unused, or public fruit trees, berries, and herbs can be registered and accessed by any user on an interactive map. Some basic rules call for respecting private property, taking care not to harm the trees and the surrounding flora and fauna. Since launching in 2009, more than half a million people have accessed the site, and several hundred are actively working on the online fruit tree map.

ObstStadt Wien (Fruit City Vienna)

  • Adress: Trees and bushes on public land
  • Sponsoring Organization: Verein Obststadt Wien, LA21 Donaustadt, Ökosoziales Forum, MA45, Bezirk Donaustadt
  • Participants: Verein ObstStadt Wien, BaumpatInnen
  • Established:: Oktober 2018
  • Contact Information: